I've been doing alot of thinking and understanding on the nature and transcendence of creatures. I wish I could have a complite reference of sensor spesifications 4 every animal including nonvertebrata.

It is clear that snakes are the worst form of creature because of their sinefull behaivor caotic enoff 2 produce poison. Because snakes don't hear at all and have infrared vission is clear that this creatures are synonimus with spy predators. They spy in silence coldbloodly waiting 4 a victim 2 strike their poison. Since the begining, the bible warned us about this evil creatures betrayers of humanity.

Birds, on the other hand are clear examples of kind creatures. They sing thier songs every time a new day comes waving their good moods 2 all things sorrounding. Even when birds and snakes come out of eggs they are complitely opposite kinds of creatures.

There are many Xtrem experiment that can be done using sound interacting with nature. Some of the most interesting ones can be done using ultra sound with bats. I have thousands of questions.