The animal kingdom it's a gift from G-D and mother nature to ourselfs. We have 2 Love it and learn from it all we can. One of my favorite animals is the bat. Their ultra high hearing range makes them incredible creatures to study and because they are actually mammels they have better brains than the birds.

They ride into the night giving shape to their sorroundings with their own sound throwing seeds to the earth like sand. Together with birds, they are the best natural agricultures and enviromental protectors with the exeption of only one in the family:

The Renegade Bat or Vampire

Vampires behaive more like rats than birds. This is the only lazy bat who doesn't like to work for his food and choose to feed from other mammels.

Because of vampires, fictions about monsters have bind the world with lies. In this document, I try to solve part of the mistery.


                                     FACT OR FICTION

Evil: Just because they are ugly in the outside doesn't mean that they are evil. People always critizize what they don't understand or what they think is wird. Bats are very sensitive creatures usefull to nature and man kind. The exact opposite of a bat is a snake.

Drink Blood: Not real bats. The real ones catch insects, eat fruits and some even know how to fish (amaizing trick when you think that they don't use their eyes.)

Inmortality: Perhaps by accident, this is one thing in the movies that is relevant. Is not that they live forever, but because they ride fast in their minds time seems to slow down.

Seduction: Because of the way they relate to nature and themselfs(with thier ears instead of their eyes) they choose their paths and partners with great presition. They only mate if their vibrations are compatible.

Blind ???, Pleeeease. They see better with their ears that what we see with our eyes. Their sofisticated hearing system makes their eyes obsolete.

People have always misjudge things because of appearance. It seems that to see is what makes us fall 4 temptation. We are always betrayed by our eyes. It is only what we hear from nature what can bring us closer 2 truth. Every creature has a meaning and porpouse in the cicle of life. It is our job to find out what those meanings are 2 be able 2 mix them in perfect harmony.

Then we will finally discover something about ourselfs. Something about G--D.

Something that will make us respect more creation and that will reunite us all again in the name of love.