A very long time ago, a man filled with pride betray his people with words of redemption. Words that where as fragile as his heart.

Some thoath he was a hero. Others laugh, criticizing him and throwing him stones as he walked by. He knew he had failed. And there was a price for all of those things said.

The judge asked him:

Who do you thing you are? A king?. Because if it is that what you think you are, then you betray my king and you deserve this sentence.

There was a silence.

Total regret was what that man felt that day and who's tears for our sins fall like rain.

What he asks this time around is a chance 2 be heard. A time 2 be faithful 2 truth.

Only then, kindness will rise once again to the world like a raimbow after the rain, . . .

after the pain     .        .          .                 .

Being alone has been like a curse.

Machines have become like a fun shelter to him through the pain of lonlyness. There alone, working day and night, learning about everything, hopping that the truth will come soon 2 illuminate the world, at last, and with it, all of the joy and happyness of that 1 Love that has been denied 4 so long and that it should always be meant to be.